Jean-Claude Pitcho, EMEA business development lead, eZ Systems

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Briefly describe what your business does

We provide a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) that is content centric: it allows to securely create, edit, publish, manage, personalise, market and commercialise content at scale.

It offers sufficient user convenience to be directly operated by content operators themselves, rather than by technical teams.

What is your role there?

I lead eZ business development activities in the UK.

What are the key trends that you’re seeing in branded content right now?

In B2B markets, content marketing as a generic strategy brings increasingly lower rates of return, because of the abundance of content now available.

However, building thought leadership is still an effective strategy, provided it delivers really innovative topics and persists in doing so.

Why is it becoming an increasingly popular way for brands to engage audiences?

In the B2B market, a well-developed ecosystem is readily available: content producers, editors, marketers, consumers.

It is now critical to align all stakeholders under one roof with one integrated technology platform facilitating collaboration and increasing conversion.

Any predictions for the future?

As with any maturing market, it is likely that supply will consolidate around a few major actors whose brand is well aligned with their content.