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The next Nemorin Branded Content Day is in November 2018.

One of the driving reasons behind Branded Content Day was to compile all of the useful stats and industry pieces into one place.

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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: What Makes For Great Content These Days?

“Take Barclays, for example. Their recent ‘LifeSkills’ campaign offers young people practical advice without overtly selling any product or service. Banking isn’t mentioned at all, but this caring approach subtly positions the bank as an authority, looking out for the future workforce.”

Source: The BCMA

Case Study: ‘Lo and Behold’ Fuels Netscout’s Business Growth

“Transcend traditional B2B marketing…and connect with an ever more advertising-averse audience..”

Source: The BCMA

Be Inspired: Back To The Future Of Branded Content

“The ‘Imagine the Possibilities’ campaign…is a great example of how Mattel is approaching branded content.”

Source: The BCMA

Vice NZ: ‘The Best Branded Content Is The Stuff We Would Have Made Anyway’

“…the best branded campaigns for us – the ones that we are most excited about and the ones that are most successful for our clients – are when we make stuff that we want to make and we would have made anyway.”

Source: The Drum

‘The Future Is Fewer Pieces Of Content’: A Slack Town Hall With PopSugar CRO Geoff Schiller

“The future of content marketing will be about quality, not quantity.”

Source: Digiday

UK Agencies Name ‘Branded Content’ The Number One Marketing Technique For Retailers This Christmas

“A survey carried out by the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR) has revealed that UK agencies believe ‘branded content’ should be the top marketing priority of retail brands targeting Christmas shoppers this year.”

Source: The Drum

No Longer A Digital Native’s Game: TV Fuels Social Branded Content

“Branded content campaigns on social media are becoming a bona fide business for media companies, empowering marketers with new ways to connect with their target audiences.”

Source: AdAge

Branded Content Deals Account For 60% Of CNN International’s Revenue

CNN International’s branded-content revenues continue to swell. The news broadcaster claims 60 percent of its revenue comes from deals that incorporate branded content created by its in-house studio Create, up from 54 percent last year.

Source: Digiday

5 Social Media Content Marketing Trends to Watch Heading Into 2018

“Good content is good content. It doesn’t matter what kind of technology you implement: If your branded content doesn’t resonate with your targeted audience, you have failed.

Source: Adweek

Stats, Facts And Future Trends: October 2017

“The time people spend watching short video clips has almost trebled over the last three years.”

Source: The CMA

A New Age Of Storytelling

“It’s all about emotion and striving for perfection – a great story helps.”

Source: The BCMA

Branded E-Commerce videos: What Works?

“In many ways it is the quintessential piece of branded content: if it’s working right it will entertain, engage, and directly drive purchase in real time.”

Source: The BCMA

How To Create Branded Content That Moves The Needle

“When creating branded content, take an uncompromising look at when and where your brand has an authentic fit. Is it actually providing a helpful resource to the viewer? Does it naturally fit into the content’s narrative, or is it just a promotional plug that will turn people off?”

Source: Forbes

Facebook Video: Views Of Sponsored Video Content Jump 258% Since 2016

“Views on branded video content have increased 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube as of June 2017.”

Source: Tubular Insights

How Brands Can Avoid Deceiving Their Audience in Native Advertising

“The secret to good native advertising is great stories. It’s creating content behind those ads that people actually want to consume. That they actually want to watch. That they actually want to share with their friends. That makes them look good to their friends and family.”

Source: Native Advertising Institute

How I Got 60 Million Views on a Branded Video

“So, how do you get tens of millions of people to watch a chicken ad?
You make it entertaining first.
You make the chicken part almost incidental.”

Source: Medium

Why Some Big Brands Are Starting to Produce Their Own Podcasts

“We never did a hard sell on a product or a service within it—it’s woven into the story naturally where the idea of the digital twin comes to life in the story,”

Source: Adweek

Why Marketers Must Move Beyond ‘Branded Content’ and Create Entertainment

“It’s time for us in the advertising industry to recognize we can no longer find success by interrupting consumers with brand-driven messages. We must become a part of the original film, TV and online programming that audiences want to watch.”

Source: Adweek

6 Examples Of Genius Brand Storytelling You Have To See

“The right brand narrative has the power to increase the value of your business’s product or service by over 20 times.”

Source: Marketing Insider Group

8 (More) Absolutely Brilliant Content Marketing Innovations From the World’s Best Brands

“Create content people want to share, whether that’s because it’s funny, powerful, interesting, or newsworthy.”

Source: Content Marketing Institute

The Future of Content Marketing Isn’t Content Marketing

“What if brands just told stories that people wanted to watch, hear, and read? The early examples were inspiring. Red Bull pioneered the idea of a brand as a media company, while early Contently clients like GE, American Express, and Mint showed that B2B organizations and companies in niche industries could get in on the fun as well.”

Source: Contently
native advertising institute

Brands Need To Understand That Native Advertising Is Not About Instant Results

“It’s about value and reward so that that audience actually feels that they’re getting something, that they’re learning something, or they’re finding out something they didn’t know. Something interesting from that piece of content.”

Source: The Native Advertising Institute

In A Few Years, Native Will Be The Standard Of Advertising

“Try to be honest with the users. Try to show that this is advertising. Try to be relevant without too much tracking and interference with data privacy. Try to make it in a way that really works within a context and the website.”

Source: The Native Advertising Institute

The Standard For Native Ads Are Almost Higher Than For Journalism

“When we’re talking about native advertising hosted on a publisher’s platform, the key is to have that content take on the form and function of the surrounding content, so that it offers the same level of value for readers, listeners or viewers.”

Source: The Native Advertising Institute

Melanie Deziel’s Rules For Creating Branded Content

“What is the goal? What does the advertiser actually want to accomplish?”

Source: The Native Advertising Institute

5 Top Secrets To Succeeding In Native Advertising

“Have a plan that leverages the publisher’s owned and operated channels—the website, social media, paid social if that’s appropriate—and leverages the properties of the sponsoring brand..”

Source: accent

Melanie Deziel On Why Branded Content Is Here To Stay

“Brands must be ready to take a half step back from the sell to make sure they’re putting their consumer at the centre of the storytelling.”

Source: MSPC

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