Nemorin’s Branded Content Day 2018

In Partnership with the BMCA, The Drum Studios and The Video Suite.

GOOD, BETTER, BEST: Paving The Way For Branded Video in 2019

Good,better, best: Paving the way for branded video 2018

2018 Takeaways

“The world doesn’t need more video content. It does need more good video content.” 

Director of Content and Strategy, Nemorin Creative


“Video creates shareable moments….it’s a brilliant way for us to share stories that we agree with.”

George Webster, EMEA Content Marketing Lead HP


“What is more valuable 10 million views or 10,000 completed?”

Claire Bartolomeo – VP Content, VICE+


“What’s your macro story? What do you stand for as a brand and how does that resonate with the people you are trying to engage?”

Rebecca Allen -Global Head of Branded Content, The Drum

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