Nemorin’s #BrandedContentDay

In Partnership with the BMCA, The Drum and The Video Suite.

Branded Content Day from Nemorin Film & Video returns for its third successive year on 20 November at its new home in the heart of the UK media industry: Soho in central London.


In partnership with the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) and The Drum, this year’s event is set to be the biggest yet. Taking place at the landmark Curzon Soho, Branded Content Day is a one-day celebration of all things branded content. It will showcase the best branded content from around the world, from print to film and everything in between, including screenings and insights from many of the best practitioners in the industry today.


Branded Content Day is an invitation-only event for senior executives and will explore how branded content engages and impacts audiences. Topics will include technology, return on investment (ROI), the broadcast / branded content crossover, print publishing and much more.


Topic areas that will also be covered are: the power of stories, ROI (and how to measure it), executing cross-channel campaigns, the role of video, brand partnerships: working with a publisher, platform or broadcaster, dealing with talent / influencers, VR / AR, AI, essential tech (software, hardware, data) and the future of branded content.

Speakers At #BrandedContentDay

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Adam Foley

Director of sales & strategy, The Guardian
Branded Content Day image of Branded Content Day

Imogen Fox

Executive editor, Guardian Labs

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Monica Majumdar

Head of UK strategy at Verizon Media
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Melanie Deziel

Founder of StoryFuel
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Timothy Armoo

Founder and CEO of Fanbytes

#BrandedContentDay 2018 Quotes

Branded Content Day 2019

“What is more valuable 10 million views or 10,000 completed?”

Claire Bartolomeo – VP Content, VICE+


“Video creates shareable moments….it’s a brilliant way for us to share stories that we agree with.”

George Webster – EMEA Content Marketing Lead, HP


“What’s your macro story? What do you stand for as a brand and how does that resonate with the people you are trying to engage?”

Rebecca Allen – Global Head of Branded Content, The Drum


“The world doesn’t need more video content. It does need more good video content.” 

Graham Hayday – COO & Director of Content, Nemorin

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