The Top Ten Charts

We've scooped up some of the best branded content so you don't have to hunt for it.

There's so much fantastic branded content that compiling a definitive top ten list is pretty much impossible.

However, in no particular order here are some of our favourite campaigns from the last few years.

Branded Content Day laugh out loud

Laugh until you’re crying. Brands love tapping into their sense of humour, and these campaigns are comedy gold.

Educate, inform, teach. Brands use documentaries to tap into our innate human curiosity, and tell incredible stories.

Branded Content Day tear jerkers

Emotions run high in our top ten tear jerkers. Here are the campaigns we find touching, poignant, nostalgic – and make us wipe our eyes.

Branded Content Day eye openers

Branded content campaigns can have just as big a wow factor as Hollywood movies. Here’s some branded content that will get you all fired up.

Get inspired. Get motivated. Get moving. These branded content campaigns will kick you into action.

Branded Content Day animations

Animation can be timeless. Beautiful, hand-crafted images telling compelling stories. You’ll love our favourite animated campaigns.

Branded Content Day originals

Some brands go all out when it comes to their content. Full-on series and feature films with high profile names, or incredible visual effects and creatives. These are our favourite original campaigns.

Ready for the festive season? No? Dive into these Christmas branded content campaigns and you’ll soon be reaching for the tinsel.

Branded Content Day publishers

There are way too many fantastic publishers doing incredible things to make a definitive top ten, so here’s just a sample of our favourites. Great content, great campaigns.

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