In partnership with the Branded Content Marketing Association.

29th November 2017 was Nemorin's first ever branded content day.

A curation of branded content’s best bits.

An informative & fun online industry portal of branded content best practice, wows and wonders.

The next Branded Content Day is in November 2018.

The branded content genre has experienced incredible growth and it is changing fast.
Branded Content Day is a way for us to celebrate and facilitate the industry by scooping together all the best bits and hosting it all in one place.
We encourage everyone to come and join the buzz!

Pete FergussonFounder and CEO, Nemorin Creative Film & Video

We are delighted to be partnering with Nemorin to launch Branded Content Day.
This is an important landmark for the branded content industry.
It demonstrates how there has been a significant shift for branded content into popular culture.

Andrew CanterGlobal CEO, BCMA

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What should brands focus on when making content?


The growth of the branded content industry is evident.

  • According to the content marketing industry will be a $300billion industry by 2019. This means it will more than double in four years.

  • Google’s number of indexed pages has grown from 1 trillion to more than 30 trillion in 7 years alone.

  • Mobile devices are forecast to account for around three-quarters (73%) of the time global consumers spend using the internet in 2018 (Source: Zenith Mobile Advertising Forecast)

  • 80% of respondents agreed that their organisation is focused on building audiences – an 18% year-on-year increase (Source: Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs)

    There's a lot of content out there. So we've done the hard work for you, scooped it all up and curated some of the best bits into one place. It is BrandedContentDay after all.

    Check out our NINETY favourite branded content campaigns here.

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